Titanium Appcelerator – TaffyDB FlatFile Mod (local JSONDB) Feb11

Titanium Appcelerator – TaffyDB FlatFile Mod (local JSONDB)...

Titanium port of TaffyDB and modified for internal flatfile JSONDB style.

Titanium Appcelerator – Snippets Tutorial Dec21

Titanium Appcelerator – Snippets Tutorial

Short tutorial on how to write your own snippets using Titanium Appcelerator.

Mobile Development – Titanium Appcelerator Nov17

Mobile Development – Titanium Appcelerator...

Titanium Appcelerator 3rd party mobile SDK, I choose you! 🙂

Cross Mobile Development Findings Aug08

Cross Mobile Development Findings

Yes..yes, I’ve been away from R&D and findings for a long while…but, I’m back now and I’m sharing again on cross mobile development using js and HTML5…Read more

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