Having Fun with Cardboard Models Feb23

Having Fun with Cardboard Models...

One of my creative project with kids (my niece). Get some ideas on how to keep them entertain…

Remote Debugging with Weinre Feb22

Remote Debugging with Weinre

Done web development on mobile before? RWD (responsive web design) stuff? If so, you will be troubled with the same thing all web developers do, the lack of a console to debug stuff… I have a solution 🙂

NodeJS and Why I Like It? Feb02

NodeJS and Why I Like It?

Just like the title, nodejs and why I like it in the plain simplest and layman terms, even throw in how to setup a web server in seconds…

Using Calendar App in Windows 8...

Importing Malaysian public holiday from yahoo into your live account !

Mind-mapping out a roadmap for Q1-Q2 2013

Now is a good time to mind map a roadmap for your 2013 plans!! 🙂

My Little Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro

My favourite Windows 8 gadget of 2012! The Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro 700T!

HTML5 : Extending CSS Class Oct08

HTML5 : Extending CSS Class

A quick and useful tutorial, on how to extend a CSS class to do custom navbar icon with jQueryMobile.

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