PaperCrafting Experience Dec22

PaperCrafting Experience...

My attempt to make myself a papercraft figurine!

FREE Vector Art for Project...

Free Vector sites to download and use – from designers to designer…wooohoo!

Paper Clay Turtle Sam Dec21

Paper Clay Turtle Sam...

The second clay project was more careful and planned – What did I learned next?

My First Clay Creation Dec20

My First Clay Creation...

My very first try on clay crafting. What exactly did I learn in the end?

FREE Graphic Editing Software

Found some useful freeware graphic editing at your disposal!

Best Tools for Blogging

Ever wonder what, tools I used for my blogging? How I come up with comic strips, photoframe and photo mashes that easily without using expensive software like Photoshop?

History of Search Engine Episode I...

An interesting article I wrote about the early days of our Search Engine.

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