What Types of Video Quality Are You Downloading?

CAM, TS, R5, BDRips, DVDRip and what the heck is all that? Read more

Common Annoying Problems of ITunes Sep19

Common Annoying Problems of ITunes

Got a iTunes problem heh? Today we cover deauthorization of iTunes, county field mess in iTunes verification and how to get a mp3 into your device within synching with Itunes on other PC. Read more…

My Freeware List for Mac OSX Lion

Just bought a brand new mac mini this week and exploring about my new Mac OSX Lion with that comes, my top most wanted freewares for mac!

A Freed BaseCamp? Aug19

A Freed BaseCamp?

A basecamp clone? but Free Forever version of it “who’s to complain?” Not me for sure.

Cross Mobile Development Findings Aug08

Cross Mobile Development Findings

Yes..yes, I’ve been away from R&D and findings for a long while…but, I’m back now and I’m sharing again on cross mobile development using js and HTML5…Read more

The Free Wardens – Issue #2 Jul24

The Free Wardens – Issue #2

Full series 2 comic is about the hero, Ivarr Sigmund flashback episode #1. Cheers! Sorry for the long wait.

My Milk and Coffee Game Guide (1 – 20)...

How to complete the iPhone game Milk and Coffee (Level 1 – 20). Cool!

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