My Own Comic – The Free Wardens

Issue #1 of my comic – The Free Wardens is out now, click to read more. Happy New Year 2011 to everyone.

Modded Inkjet Printer

What’s a modded inkjet printer? Is it that good? Read more…

Leaked iPhone 5?

OMG Is this the latest rumored leaked on iPhone 5 ? o_O;

Making Your Own Comic

The awakening of my 3rd passion. I find myself drawn to comic creation. Sorry can’t help myself, my passions keep flowing within me now 🙂

I Can Design A World?

Yet another missing passion of mine. To designing an imaginary world of your own! Oh yeah, to all readers – Merry X’mas ^^!

Stuff You Should Know About IPOD Touch 4

My personal review and experience using my IPod Touch 4 vs IPhone 4 ! There’s just things you ought to know about IPod Touch 4. Read more…

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