Good Stuff : Warframe with Voice Attack

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with voice attack again. This time, with greater accuracy and with my own voice pack. For those whom do not know what Voice Attack is. Voice Attack or VA for short is a special voice commanding software that uses your voice to automate some things for you. You can program it to listen to a specific voice command from you for example, “Attack My Target!” voice command, will trigger a key press “C” followed by key press “1”. Now imagine that, in a fighter pilot simulation game. Now, isn’t that cool?

Now, as for the term Voice Pack. It means; a set of recorded sounds usually special audio voices of acknowledgement, disagreement, etc  from a fictional character within the game. We then, use this recorded sound files, as playback to “acknowledge” the user when a particular voice command is issued. This makes the whole voice command thing very “immersive and engaging”.  This works well for sci-fiction game when there’s an in-game AI around. See the sample, youtube gameplay below.

Now, back to my own experiment in Warframe. There’s this ship cephalon (much like Jarvis to Ironman) character named Ordis which, helps you around during travels. I decided to record his voice and to make my own voice pack. For those interested in the entire voice pack and profile may download the link below.

For Warframe Ordis Profile and Voice Pack –