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The Art of Pokémon Battle

Today I’m sharing some strategy guide that I used in the game Monstér Park also known Hey Monster, one of the best fan-made pokémon game for IOS and AndroidIf you want to know more head over to facebook and look for Monster Park or Hey Monster.

This aint Pokémon Go

Let’s move on to today’s topic – the Art of Pokémon Battle : How to survive Victory Road Challenge.

Battling out!

Victory Road is a last man standing kinda battle arena, where you can’t use any of your healing items and once your Pokémon is KOed it will be stay that way until a reset happens.  You and all Pokémons basically have to fight 15 matches of randomly picked trainers non-stop and progress gets harder and harder as you advance. At the end, you finally get to meet a NPC smuggler (Vendor for TM and Pokémon) and many other goodies. Below are some of the very cool tips I’ll be sharing – hopefully it helps your game.

Finally I’ve Made It!

1# Decide and keep your Ultimate SIX

This ultimate 6 must be your main team, which levels and trained as close to you as possible. The team that you always take to battle. This team should only be used in facing the final 14th or 15th battle.

2# Get to level 60 – if possible

Best part of getting to level 60 is because, by then all the wild Pokémon you’ve captured / from Safari is either around that level or same level as you are. And most of them are ready to evolve with full move-sets. Perfect recruits.

3# Backbenchers are Essential!

Backbenchers are non-team members usually wild Pokémons you captured or purchased that are not in the bag. These are also not part of the Ultimate Six. All backbenchers must be trained to blue or blue+1 at least. Remove the ultimate six, and re-form a new team of backbenchers. Use them to battle instead.

4# Peek Ahead and Retreat

This is one of the most useful technique I’ve used and it always work! Just take any team of 6, and engage in a battle. Once a battle start, take a good look at the type of first Pokémon they have. Before the challenger issue a turn, escape! Yup, no shame in that, just ESCAPE. No harm will come to any of your Pokémon and now since you’ve already know your opponent’s first Pokémon type. Do some analysis on their weakness (e.g. Charizard is weak against water or rock Pokémon), modify and reshuffle your backbenchers. Return and enter the challenge again. There is a chance, given the right Pokémon – you will be able to wipe off the first Pokémon without any injury. No more getting trashed, just because you have a disadvantage Pokémon as your first.

5# Call in the injured

Buy and try your best equip all your backbenchers gold berry because, they are not counted as used when you are inside Victory Road – just like their KO status (is like as if is a copy of all your Pokémon state). If you know there’s no more advantages on your side over in mid battle (e.g. 2 more grass Pokémon fighting a Shiny Charizard). Escape again. It is best to escape half way in the battle especially after you know your heal berry is consumed. If you escape without winning the battle (as long the Pokémon is not KOed), chances are your gold berry is  not counted as used.Rather than staying on and get wiped out fully. Those Pokémon that you have pulled back might be the advantages of the next battle! Keep swapping your backbenchers. Make sure you always keep a large variety of Pokémon as backbenchers.

6# Don’t heal when your Pokémon health is too low (red)

For Pokémon that have healing skills, try not to heal them when health is way too low. This is because, heal moves have lower priority than most of the attack moves. Your Pokémon most likely will not make it. Pull them out of battle instead. This is when movesets like Sleep Powder, Frozen or Paralyze is useful. Bring out any Pokémon that uses such skills, use them to disable the enemy. Return your injured Pokémon to the battlefield and heal.