PokéDiary Log : Subject 004 – Charmander

Subject #004 known as Charmander, is a Fire based Lizard Pokémon. Easily recognized by the its flamed tip tail. Charmander, was the very first Pokémon I’ve hatched using a 2km egg throughout my Pokémon Go venture. With some candies at hand; I started my own quest on tracking it ever since. Capturing Charmander is easier compared to Pikachu. If you have read my previous articles about it; capturing this fella will be much easier.

Subject 004 - Charmander

Subject 004 – Charmander

Alright, lets start. The behavioral pattern of subject 004 categorized as normal. However, they can get a bit aggressive with higher CP (above 150 CP). It is advisable to bring along some razz berries when hunting them. Threat some berries first and close in with your best curved shot. Wild Charmanders really like lure modules from PokéStop; the chances are so slim, you might as well forget about it.

Like Pikachu, Charmander can be quite territorial; meaning once you identify their nesting ground – you are sure to find many of them appearing. Of all the places I’ve traveled across Klang Valley, none can beat the one located at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur.


Dataran Merdeka

Dataran Merdeka

Technically, there are 4 spawn areas around Dataran Merdeka – this can be easily identify using the PokéStops areas. Take a closer look at the gameplay map below.

Charmander - Dataran Merdeka Hunt

Charmander – Dataran Merdeka Hunt

SP#1 Located north of the field. Charmander usually appear by the very left hand corner PokéStops or in between the middle one and the far right PokéStops.

Sneaky Little Fella

Sneaky Little Fella


SP#2 is in the middle of the field. Charmander is always seen standing just right beside the Royal Selangor building. Look for X within the SP#2.

Just opposite the building,; center of the field

Just opposite the building – center of the field

SP#3 is located at the south of the field – where the large flag pole is. Charmander is sometimes located at the far South Eastern side. Look for the X marks. The PokéStops within SP#3 will also spawn special breed of Eevees (yes, one with good stats and IVs)

A little off topic, PokéStops here spawns good Evees too!

A little off topic, PokéStops here spawns good Evees too!


SP#4 surrounding the library. Look for X mark around SP#4.

And that’s about it fellow hunters, all spawn areas identified. My favorite spots area SP#1 and SP#2. When, I’m done catching them (cool down roughly 20 minutes), I’ll go for the Eevees and some Magikarps nearby the river by Masjid Jamek nearby – then, I’ll come back for more Charmander etc.

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As of 25th September 2016, some of the spawn point for Charmander is replaced by Abras. Now you can have two instead of one nest 😉