PokéDiary Log : Subject 025 – Pikachu

Subject #025 or better known as Pikachu is a mouse based Pokémon; Comes with either male or female. It’s primary abilities is static and electricity. During my first encounter with Pikachu, I find this one very interesting and subject #025 also exhibits a very unpredictable behavioural pattern. After an extensive compilation of data and decided to publish and share this article today – thus my second guide to Pokémon Go.

If you are clueless of the terms I used in this guide; please refer to my previous Pokémon guide here.


Subject 025 – Pikachu

Now let’s get back to business; To catch a Pikachu successfully, you will need to understand two things :-

  • It’s primary behavioural pattern
  • Location of it’s nesting ground – spawn area

Unlike most of the Pokémons, Pikachu is classified as a playful Pokémon, which means they have short attention span and will always actively fend off any incoming Pokéball flung at them. It is highly advisable NOT to use Razzberries when attempting to catch subject #025 – doing so not only will upset them (50% chance they flee straight away – if the next throw fails).

However, not to worry – All you need is quick and witty action. Start using curve ball toss technique at them, the very moment you start the encounter. Remember they have very short attention span. To them, flinging a normal Pokéball is like a game – they’ll enjoy fending it back to you and will run off once they get bored of it.

Dazzle them by swirling the Pokéball in front of them then, fling the curve ball at them – it may take a few tries, (dazzling them this way also prolong their attention span). This is a best practical technique by many trainers trying to catch them. Also to take note; for some reason, Pikachu doesn’t respond to lure; notice the picture below. None of the Pikachu I’ve encounter are spawned from the lure effect (lured Pokémons have pink rings surrounding them)

The Pikachu sightings in this Taman Jaya is amazing.

The Pikachu sightings in Taman Jaya is amazing.

Best nesting ground for Subject #025 is Taman Jaya’s Park of Klang Valley. I’ll reveal some of the spawn areas for Pikachu (only one or maybe two Pikachus will appear per spawn area per estimated 15 minute cool down time), you just need to sweep the spawn area slowly. Capture all then, move on to the next spawn area rather than walking all over the park aimlessly.

Keep your eyes on the sightings; if you have already capture it, by right the it will disappear from your sighting tab. If Pikachu is still around (meaning there’s another one nearby) move on slowly to the nearest corresponding spawn area. Please take note: the actual view may not be the same as the photo given in the Pokéstop.

All 4 spawn areas in Taman Jaya Park

All 4 Pikachu spawn areas @ Taman Jaya Park

  • SP#1 is the radius that surround the Taman Jaya (Taman Awam) Signage Pokéstop. See actual real life location picture below. Yup just sweep in circle around this area until you see any Pikachu pops up in your sightings radar.

    Taman Awam Signage

    Taman Awam Signage

  • SP#2 is near the car park area. Radius of Tempayan Sentul Pokéstop (*Note : This is not the real exact location of the Pokéstop description – the real Tempayan Sentul has been moved into the Museum entrance). See actual real life location picture below.
    SP#2 stretches from the lanes of the second car park.

    SP#2 stretches from the lanes of the second car park.

    SP#2 also covers the museum which is the PokeGym

    SP#2 also covers the museum which is the PokéGym

    centralspot sp2

    SP#2 Continues to this central seats. This is the actual PokéStop for Tempanyan Sentul. (The actual Tempanyan is located opposite nearby as well)

  • SP#3 is near the bicycle lane to the main playground area. Just use the sightings and sweep the area closely. There’s no need to rush.
    Bicycle lane just beside the main playground.

    Bicycle lane just beside the main playground.

    Start sweeping the radius from here. You are sure to pick up one .

    Start sweeping the radius from here. You are sure to encounter subject #025.

  • SP#4 is by the pond. (*Note : Again, the actual position of this place is opposite of Taman Jaya entrance rock signage (The Pokéstop photo) . Sometimes, you can even caught one while parking your car by the side of the road near this spawn point.
Beside the pond careful with your steps here as you sweep.

Beside the pond careful with your steps here as you sweep.

And that’s about it folks – all four of my favourite documented spawn areas. Where to start you say? Well, I personally like to hunt around the SP#2 and SP#3, because of a chance the overlapping radius thus, spawning two Pikachus instead of one – Awesome! I hope this article helps you refine your hunt into a more productive and efficient one. Happy hunting everyone 🙂

If you miss out my previous guide please refer to it here.

Note : As in 25th September 2016, the majority of the Pikachu nest shifted to KLCC Park, if you are aftering Pikachu with better IV, try hunting there.