DIY MyVI Fuel Cap Chain

Today, I’ll be writing about one of my DIY projects I did over few months ago. A MyVI Fuel Cap Chain! This is to solve the problem of me forgetting to close the fuel cap of my MyVI car thus, losing it while driving off! See picture below to get the idea.

Fuel Cap Chain

MyVi DIY Fuel Cap Chain

Now, before I begin – I like to state that, this is just a fun DIY project. I know there’s many innovative fuel cap that comes with magnets or own plastic hook that can attached itself at the side but, in my case I’ve decided to use my existing tools and crafting leftovers to make my own solution.


First off, the stuff needed to make this thing.

  1. A regular plastic emergency fuel cap – is around RM20 usually sold in car accessories shop like Brothers
  2. A tiny chain (used for crafting necklace or tiny jewellery) about 14.5 cm or more. (you can get this in crafting shop like Art Friend too)
  3. 2 x chain rings. (you can find this in Art Friend, or you can salvage some for free on some old unwanted keychains)
  4. Pliers to cut the chain.
  5. A ruler to measure.
  6. A small drill, strong enough to drill through plastic – I bought mine (Borch) at Ace Hardware at Ikano Power Center.
  7. Tiny workshop vice mounted on some table to hold the fuel cap steady during drilling. – you can get these in any hardware shop, Ace Hardware or even art/craft shops like Art Friend.

Let’s move on to the drill process. Fasten the plastic fuel cap into the vice and tighten it up. Use a 4mm drill bit for this, as you need to create a small hold enough at the middle of the top cap to fit the chain ring in.

Once you fit the chain ring in, you will also need to fit it to the chain. Measure the chain – we only need about 14.5 cm length, you may cut the remaining using pliers. 14.5 cm is long enough for the cap and the door to close it properly.

About 14.5 cm is fine

About 14.5 cm is fine

Fit the last chain ring into the other end of the chain and hook it up to a hole at the side of the fuel chamber door. Just look at the picture below. If you find that the chain is too long for your liking you can move the ring up too. And there you have it, my DIY Fuel Cap chain.

When the cap is fastened

When the cap is fastened