Windows 8.1 : Surviving the Update!

Yup, this pretty much the title says. How to survive a typical Windows Update. Just few days ago, I started upgraded my tablet and home pc to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. And yes, like most cases of Microsoft update, there’s always a hit and miss in drivers update simply because, either the OEM is few days late or Microsoft have gone ahead gunho with their own set of drivers. Thus, shit happens…

Few golden rules I like to share with you guys here regarding ANY Windows update…

  1. Never trust Microsoft default drivers even they mentioned the most latest and certified drivers. It just takes too much effort to update every single OEM device out there. I doubt they can have resources to update every one of em.
  2. Turn on the option Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.  (Wanna know how? follow steps here) This is really a life saver. This will also allow you to manually install back older drivers – that used to work flawlessly. Select Update Drivers Software…, under Browse my computer for driver software and under the section Let me pick a list of device drivers...

    Just select the driver before the current one. For those whom are using some usb wifi dongle for dual band 5G wireless and realized the lost of signal after the upgrade can use this technique to fix it. This is how I fixed my ASUS USB N53 dual band Wifi dongle. I also fixed my Samsung ATIV Pro 700T brightness issue by reverting my display drivers to previous one.

  3. Some devices like printers and network cards, USB keyboards, USB wifi dongles requires a restart or re-plugin to work properly even after you install the drivers. And in some case, you might need to use this technique…
  • Unplug the device, un-install the device (leave the driver file intact) – reboot
  • And plug in the device for re-detection again
  • It should load in the drivers smoothly now.
  • This is because, the device is being held up by the operating system or some other unknown services.
  • This is a standard fix for all Epson, HP and Canon printers especially those related to the recent Bi-directional Printing Support
Frequent Question – How do I turn of f the Windows 8.1 Start Button ?

If you are using Pokki start menu previously before your upgrade – you will end up having pokki button pushed aside, just un-install it and download pokki from the website again. This time you only need to uncheck on the option “Show Windows Logo button“, then under settings make sure you also turn off disable all corner navigation.


Update : For those whom are using any method above, DO NOT, by any means use the charm bar device to add your device, doing so will scan hardware for changes and will reinstalled back the screw up drivers again. If you did, you have to remove the device (under charm bar device settings) then rollback the driver again.

Update 25/10/2013 : Tablet folks having stylus problem, just run the recalibration software again. Search for “Pen and Touch” and look for calibration options in the control panel. As for web developers using touchscreen and find that Chrome touch is no longer working 8.1 – well it’s because of the new higher scale dpi options. Right click on your Chrome icon, make sure you can get into properties, Select Compatibility, tick Disable display scaling of Higher DPI option.

Update 1/11/2013 : For those avid photo, video and music app users. If you encounter errors like “sorry we encountered an error please try again later“, it means your library folder was hidden and those app are pointing to those folder. To fix this goto the desktop, under This PC, click on This PC icon again, goto View (ribbons above) under Navigation Pane, click “Show libraries“, then you will see a singular folder named “libraries” just above network and just below This PC. Right click on it and click Restore Default Libraries.