Installing ASUS RT-N56U Router with Unifi

Recently, I’ve bought an ASUS RT-N56U router (from Lowyat) and was told it already have all the necessary firmware to support my local Malaysian ISP Unifi (the one that comes with IPTV). The router is fine, in fact, it’s really a good one. The only problem I had was that there aren’t many site or proper tutorial available on how to setup the router with Unifi. I found most of it only teaches you on how to update the firmware and then do some hacks to complete the connection.

After hours of digging around and trial and error finally, I got it through and managed to set it up. Below are the screenshot of my settings. First, to connect to the router, plug the network cable into the 2nd or 3rd LAN of the router and connect it to your PC. Wait till you see the orange light lit at the back of the router to signify the connection is successful. If you have any wifi connection on the PC, do disconnect from it. Make sure there can only be your pc and the router. By default the router comes with the default IP:-
username : admin
password : admin

a) Settings up 2.4 Ghz Wifi

b) Settings up 5Ghz Wifi

Ok, above are my two settings for the typical wifi connection. Like all router settings setup your SSID for wifi and password settings (set as either WEP or WPA2-Personal). Set a password to protect it. The ASUS RT-N56U is a dual band router so, you can setup another set of SSID and password for 5Ghz. Make sure your click on Apply to confirm the settings. Side Note : The 5Ghz band is cool and not many people are using it so, your connection will not have interference if any of your device managed to connect to it. However, make sure you have the necessary wifi dongle or your device supports it.

Next will be the WAN settings – this is where your Unifi stuff comes in. Make sure your have your unifi account and password for Internet broadband prepared.  Click on the Advance setting and then on the WAN.

First half of the settings.

This is the first half of the settings. Change the WAN Connection Type to PPPOE, Enable the NAT. Set WAN IP to obtain IP automatically. The next WAN DNS Setting is optional either set it to automatic or use the google DNS which is or

Next let’s move on to the ISP settings.

This is the 2nd Half Settings

Follow the settings just like the picture above. Enter your username provided by Unifi and the correct password.  Leave all the optional field. Select ISP as Unifi Home and Enable PPPoE + DHCP Connection to Yes. Lastly click Apply to reboot the router. Make sure your connect, the WAN cable to the WAN network port on the router and the IPTV into LAN port 4. Then, login to your router again and double check, the network diagram. If your settings is right, you should see the connection to your ISP as connected. That’s about  it – mission complete! 🙂

Connected at Last!

 Update : For those having difficulty in accessing 5ghz band (using ASUS Wifi USB N53 Dongle) after Windows 8.1 update – Chill, read more here.