Having Fun with Cardboard Models

I had a great time with my niece (age 5) doing creative projects last year. One of the memorable ones was the making cardboard models. We construct all kinds 3d house model using cardboard shapes all cut nicely into parts and pieces. The kids get to learn how things work when placed together, there’s even numbers to guide them where to place the pieces together – all it takes is some basic logic reasoning.

Most importantly for the kids is that, you have to be there to support and keep them excited – not only does this stimulate their creative thinking it also give the encouragement to try an error and gain confidence. We must also guide them, into the basic steps and do’s and dont’s.

Cardboard models now are available in local bookstores and stationery shops, you can buy them for around RM 8 – 10 (Malaysian Ringgit). You can even get it cheaper if you purchase those in bulk designs in some wholesale places like GM Klang. There also more advance version of cardboard models that comes with LED lights but it is still cheaper than buying a full fledge dollhouse. You can also buy plastic covers from wholesale shops to cover and protect them from dust.