Mind-mapping out a roadmap for Q1-Q2 2013

In response to the most frequently asked question that I always get from my friends…

How do you find time to do some many times and still stay focus in completing most of it???

The answer is very simple, follow this zen rule.

Do What You Write….Write What You Do

Normally, I would loved to write things down and make sure I follow em. Last few years I only scribble points on to my phone. This year however I decided to visualize and plan out my roadmap instead of writing down a list of things to do. A simple mind map style indicating things I will cover and explore upon in year 2013. Personally, I like to keep things planned out and written down for me to refer from time to time, (Especially, end of the year when I wanna check how much I have accomplish and etc).

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I’ve been using my Windows 8 tablet (ATIV Pro for about a month now). Loving it. 🙂 The app I used for this is called Nova Mind (free version, you can opt to enhance the features of the app by buying additional themes and useful indicators etc).

You are free to use other mind mapping software, most of it is free. I like this one because, it allows me to keep track and highlight the ones I’m focusing at the moment.

So what happens if I completed a branch?

Why, I’ll share out my findings in article here as well.
Reason I’m doing this is pretty simple,

  • First I needed a place to jot down my experience, mistakes and techniques used to accomplish that particular branch (think of this as a quest to be done in real life!)
  • Secondly, it is within my passion to share with rest of the world.
  • A very clear focus. Bunch of goals to target. Whether it is doable within this year or next, doesn’t matter. It also helped ALOT when, I’m confused and got carried away by other things in life.

Well here is my 2 cents input to share with you all. Hope you guys and gals have a good year ahead 2013!!! Go go go!