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Next : Making Plates & Trimming Tips

Last weekend, I’ve started my claywork class on making plates. The process is somewhat different from making cylinder shaped object such as cup and mugs. Making plates requires a wheel throwing, centering, trimming and shaping skill you also need an additional plank to act as a holder on top the throwing wheel ( this is because, plates are have lower ground and harder to lift – so we lift with the plank instead after cutting them lose with the wire that is. ).

And the results is….tada… I made my first collection of  plates!!

Cindy also introduced a technique to hold  the plank straight and firm so that, it will not fly away when forming the clay on top of it. All we need to do is :-

  • Center the clay. Once center, press it down flat.
  • Then use the cutting/trimming tool, gently make circular marking / gaps on it like how we do our trimming.
  • Make a few like 6- 8 rings like the picture above.
  • Add a little bit on water on it – The circular marking gaps and moist from the water will create a powerful sticky surface for the plank. Also act as a good suction pad to hold the plank from moving around. – Amazing
  • Place the plank on top and moist it with sponge so that is wet a little. We are now ready to make plates!
Pulling and centering is still a must. Then, once center go flat, till the clay is about 1.25 inch high. Then, do a opening like how we do the bowl shape. The only difference now is the 2nd opening which is open up the cup/bowl shape into a plate shape using the wooden surface of the trimming tool. Your bowl will immediately, transform into a flater shape…behold the plate form! awesome!
I returned again the following week (today that is, to do my trimming). Yes, trimming is the process as seen in the picture above – we make legs and the back surface of the plate and smoothen out the clay pieces. There’s two mode of trimming technique :-
  • The outer cut, which requires you to hold the trimming tool like cutting as if you are cutting with a knife. Place it on the outer most layer and slowly comes in like a needle on the gramophone as the plate resolves around the wheel thrower.
  • The inner cut, this is where, you need to switch your hold tool style into holding a pen style and it is use to cut the center of the plate to the inner leg. ( Sometimes, I keep forgetting to switch mode and resulting a disaster in trimming – but, nevertheless I’m blogging this to remind myself ).
A video down here to remind myself how to do later (if I forgot lol)
And today results is…satisfying of course – however I do morn for my last two plates, for they did not make it to the burning process (I’ve over-trimmed them – disaster!)  🙂
Next will be the final stage ! – glazing and firing. Can’t wait to get to my next class.