My 2nd Batch Released!

The 2nd batch of clay cups and mugs I’ve made are all glazed (glaze is a liquid coloring made from raw material from earth e.g. cobalt and other metals of various colors) and ready to do the final burning. It takes a lot of patience in glazing – man they do dry fast…so one have to act fast also. I even  bought my own pump and gears to do my glazing now. These chemical are 80% lighter than it is prior burning. So you have to apply a bit of imagination and take note of the coloring by test firing small mosaic tile to see it’s final outcome.

Exploring various way to optimize my glazing effort like putting masking tape / candle wax on the bottom – to waterproof the area. This is because we aren’t suppose to glaze the bottom part of the clay, the burning will harden the coloring and glazing the bottom will cause the clay to be stucked on the placement board.

You can even re-glaze and fire again (in case you miss a few spot) but, is best to take note of what glazing composition you use prior before reglazing it to recreate the exact coloring. Warning : making mistake in coloring is irreversible and can ruin your creation. Best to make some small test firing on mini tiles of clay before deciding.

2nd Batch of Collection is called : Pieces of ME

Walla, the last of the few surviving pieces. 🙂