Get PDF Printer for Mac Lion

Yes, I’m starting to believe that Mac Lion is becoming the Vista of Mac lol. If you are printing stuff to pdf you might notice some of the useful printer drivers that generates pdf no longer function or at least function properly. If you are an app developer working on airPrint module, this feature is handy because, you don’t wanna keep printing papers in your printer and sometimes having a pdf output is good, to see how many pages does your print out goes and etc. It just gets frustrating if you just cant do it and you end up wasting your time researching for solution. Suddenly you see a lot of third party apps selling the solution which is free long time ago in older Mac – great!. CUPS-PDF, even VIPRiser failed to work, well there’s hacks here  and there to fix it and such but, I’m writing this – to save you all some sanity and money.

If you are Mac Lion version 10.7.2. Look no further, follow my lead. Head to, download and install it. Goto System Preference > Print & Scan > Press + sign to add new printer. Select PDFwriter. That’s it.

If you want to you in conjunction with airPrint functionality (as posted previously), tick also enable sharing and this printer will appear in your airPrint software.

Now to get the pdf generated, look for MAC HD > Users > Shared > PDFwriter. If you are printing from your own mac, you will see a new (user folder) appearing inside. If you are sending from iDevice via airPrint you will then see anonymous users folder respectively. Like this article? buy me coffee then 😉