Get AirPrint to Work on Mac Lion

Wanting to use the cool airPrint features that all your iDevices have but, you don’t wanna go ditch your old printer because they didn’t support airPrint? Well read further…

I blogging this up because, I don’t people that just moved on to Lion to suffer the same fate as I do and all I needed was airPrint feature that captures print results from my iDevice to a local pdf file. I spend almost few good hours of my time troubleshoot and figuring out solutions. Anyway, let’s begin – now on mac there’s a few cool software, that just work wonders.

Shared AirPrinter Software

  1. Collobos FingerPrint – It works even on IOS5 devices. All it does, is to expose your printer as shared then make them visible to the iDevices. Provided both printer and your mac must be in the same wifi network. Works on both mac and windows. Although both sold separately. Follow instruction on the website to install and get it working.
  2. Printopia – Same like the concept above, but only works on Mac. Follow instruction on the website to install and get it working.
  3. AirPrint Activator – Same like above but free. Might require some tweaking and security settings. Follow instruction on the website to install and get it working.
All three will work and you will able to print like normal from iDevice. However, you will also discover something is missing in Mac Lion. The ability to support PDF printer. As main pdf printer drivers like CUPS-PDF and even VIPRiser no longer work properly with Mac lion. Now this is actually a separate issue which I will cover in later post.