WP Custom Field Missing?!

Recently, I’ve been doing lots of wordpress 3.1+ installation for my company. While I’m pretty much buzy handling content and getting the themes/widgets to work , I found out a problem with it. I was asking to myself…

Where the heck is my wordpress custom fields? o_O

For those whom are new in wordpress (manual hosted ones) a custom field is what we bloggers used to attached nice thumbnail pictures that appear at the homepage.  We simply can’t live without those. Custom fields (after excerpt) normally appear below the editor see screen below.

If I haven’t go googling around and calm myself with a nice tea much later… the picture below could happened LOL just kidding.

Well, don’t panic though. They are just hidden by default. When you are posting, simply look for the Screen Options at the top right corner. Pull that down and enable back custom fields and whatever missing fields that should belong down there. See the screenshot below. Walaa… you are done… now now lets not get violent here… put that knife down…j/k LOL. That’s it for today folks.