My Pottery & Ceramic Creation

Finally, I finished all my beginners lessons with my talented Tutor Cindy Koh from Clay Expression.

What I’ve learned so far from the lessons :-

  • Basics of wedging and types of clay
  • The process and states of clay
  • Pinching and coil technique (hand building)
  • Wheel throwing – centering
  • Wheel throwing – pulling
  • Wheel throwing – Mug/Cup form
  • Wheel throwing – Bowl form
  • Trimming Bowl and Cup.
  • Making handles for Mug/Cup
  • Touching ups and Glazing

Although, I do get pains at my wrist, hands and back from sitting and focusing too long on the wheel, but I’m happy with the overall outcome. I also learned many “other lessons in life” from these classes too – clay does help in discovering your inner spiritual self (le passion!) and I enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, I can’t wait to make more :).


See the overall results in the picture below.


Overall pieces that survived the trials – LOL

These are the tiny cute cups (quite small) to
be given to my friends that supported me.

A special Chawanmushi cup for my friend

Twin Cups with handle. I’m using the blue one at home.

My favourite piece, coated with 4 colors of glaze. I called it Fruit of Passion Mug


There’s also some rejected ones that did not turn out that good. However, I’m just gonna share and document my mistakes here.

The Prehistoric Trio, mainly because I made a mistake
in glazing (choosing wrong color combination). Now they looked like
an ancient cups and bowl dugged out from underground. LOL
(I should have cleared the glaze when I noticed it first time)

The Impatient Bowl – I named it that way, because it reflects
my mistake during the time of glazing. I really felt for this one because,
it was supposed to be my favourite piece.. spend so much on shaping it,
trimming it – ended up making a stupid mistake of overdipping the glaze.

Well, I think thats it for today. Just wanted to share my fruit of my passion haha…. but, I have more “secret projects” coming later…muahahhaa…. stayed tuned.