Live Writer Plug-ins

Just last week, I wrote about Live Writer as the essential tool for blogging.

I noticed that, some of our new hosted wordpress themes started using custom fields such as Thumbnails or big_post and etc – so how do we post these values to our blog with live writer?

This is where the live writer’s plugins system comes into play Smile


To enable this plugin first, you need to download it from here. Copy the file to folder resides in C: > Program Files > Windows Live > Writer > Plugins. Then, restart Windows Live Writer.

Then, post something to the blog, you should be getting a prompt like this. After hitting yes, wait for a while and it will try to connect to your blog and prompt for another password dialog.


Click yes, you should be getting a new set of dialog box appearing.


You can add new key like Thumbnail to the custom field tab above, to assign the values.

For me I added Thumbnail and et_bigpost field as the values.

PS : If you need more cool plugins head to the MS plugin page here.

Happy blogging!