Passion Upgrade – Ceramics And Pottery

Previously, I wrote an article regarding about my passion discovery on clay crafting. This year, I decided to venture even further into areas of clay crafting. I decided to upgrade the passion to something even more challenging – Ceramics and Pottery!.


About end of last year, I decided to look for a ceramic and pottery workshop around Klang Valley and found Clay Expression. I took a visit to their workshop and one of the facilitators (Jasmin) there showed me around.


I was really impressed and excited about the creation of pots and handmade crafted clays in the workshop. Take a look above!

Like all crafting clay types, the ceramic clay works and behaves differently from paper and poly clay thus, I would have to learn some new techniques to handle crafting in this manner. It is what the potters used to make pots, bowl, cup we used today.


I went on to my first class in Clay Expression today and my instructor was non-than other, Ms.Cindy Koh. haha Smile

I get to learned the basics of all clay (ceramic and paper clay) crafting – wedging! Funny thing is, I never knew there’s such a thing. It was never part of the process listed in books during my paper clay days.


Ahem, I know what you thinking kay? these are not my hands. Please focus on the article instead LOL. 😉


In the wedging process, clay is repeatedly kneaded on a porous surface to draw some of the water out while distributing the moisture evenly, eliminating hard spots in the clay. In the process, air bubbles are forced out of the clay – air bubbles are main cause of rupture and cracks in clay.

Just imagine yourself managed to finished your a masterpiece so fine, and it cracks because, you forget this process during firing?

According to my newly found Sensei, even nowadays with machines that grinds finer quality clay doesn’t mean we have to omit this process entirely.


Then there’s wheel throwing and centering of the clay (basics on making pottery).  The steps of pulling as well and that (the picture above), was the machine I practice with.

Overall class, turns out quite FUN and I get to asked a lot of noob question weee… but of all the feelings I get today…

Why on earth did I have this weird feeling I was Patrick Swayze in the Movie “Ghost” – and the unchained melody starts ringing on my head – all the sudden Confused smile . Simply nostalgic! LOL