Fun with IPhone Camera Apps

Been busy toying with my iPhone 4 camera apps this weekend. I found three apps very very useful to me at least. Here are the list of apps and why.

My first app is called Comic Strip, mainly because I enjoyed making fun of pictures I just took and adding comical captions to it. Take a look at the app interface below. Easy and fun to use. Select your template (with panels), add caption which is optional, then share it for save it into your photo library for extraction later. It also comes with some handy photo filters and framers too. Look at the funny cosplay photo i just edited below with this app.

Second app, will be the most useful camera app ever, Camera+. One of most prominent feature I like was the ability to handle focus, using flash as a flash light (awesome feature) and comes with multiple editing features and filters to modify your photo after capture. Tried some of the other camera app out there, non of them come this close in matching this app.

Last app, will be a handy photography app called TiltShiftGen. If you are into photography, tilt shift photography means , capturing the focus area from distance and making others blurry sometimes, it does make the whole target focus area like miniature toy as everything seems to focus on it. Well, in professional photography you need a tilt shift lens to do so but, with this app, you can sorta fake the effect by using this app. These are some of the photo I took and then modify using this generator.