My Own Comic – The Free Wardens

Based on the game “City of Heroes”, done by screenshots, Photoshop and some brushes stuff. Storyboard, characters and plot was designed by me.  Now, as promised I will release my comic at the start of the new year which is midnight tonight. Feel free to download using the download link below. The major issues is always compiled into a comic book. From now onwards, I will release comic stripes of the “The Free Wardens” into this blog under comic section next year once they are done.

There’s also a bonus “The Free Warden Wallpaper for IPOD and IPhone” as well. Enjoy and Happy New Year 2011. (for those wondering how to sneak the wallpaper to photo library, within email work around. Just sync the picture in or view the jpeg and screenshot it)

PS: Those that downloaded the pdf/cbr prior on 2nd January 2011, can re-update again, I’ve updated some minor graphic cleanups, optimizing it further and some spelling errors.

Wanna know more on how I make those, read it here.