PaperCrafting Experience

About 3 years ago, I travelled to Taiwan for a short tour – I found myself attracted to their papercraft items they sell there. In fact what’s cool about them is that some of them are being made into postcards. I bought a few and studied the design – I reverse the design into a template of mine haha. ( another one of my traits of mine called “Reversing” – will write about it much later under Editor’s Column ).

I created a manga character (based on the game – trickster online) few years ago too, her name is Xiu. A boxer school girl with a cute bunny headband. See picture below.


I decided to create a tiny papercraft project. Taking the character, and applying it into the papercraft template I did – wahlaa!


I’m sharing the template below (see picture below).


NOTE : And for those that wanted to play in real A4 size with this template can download it. [download id=”1″ format=”1″]