About The Editor?

Well, to begin with let me reintroduce myself, the name is Alex T, the editor of IGS (Is Good Stuff) [portfolio]. Some of you know me as the grand teacher of watever, some of you know me as friend or colleague, some ended up being my pet-brother or pet-sister, some of you we just stumbled against each other in the world of cyberspace. I do all sort of creative stuff for living, making interactive contents with flash, designing UI, paper prototyping, scripting, web frontend development, cms open source stuff and lately, I started designing cross platform mobile apps and games 🙂

I’ve been taking care of this blog like 3 years now – sorry for the late post, lately my life and passion are evolving so rapidly, I don’t even have time to settle down. So, I decided revamp the blog outlook a bit to fit magazine style, also added a few interesting categories to share with you all.

This will be my first post in category Editor’s Column a place, I get to post my personal stuff, recommendations and my adventures.

Hope you all enjoy the new outlook. Some of the older post will return after a few days of reposting of this site – it’s all in the mess now in the background – so bear with me for a few week ya.

You can also follow me on twitter @ http://twitter.com/isgoodstuff