Freeware Backup / Folder Sync Tool

Working on project and worrying about what backup software to use? As a developer I often worry about my backup source other than SVN, how accurate is my daily backup, is it done hourly, daily etc?


For me, I would prefer a folder sync software to a remote destination. Much like the rsync command of the linux/unix platform. Basically a sync does is that it compares the target and destination folders – analysing the files modified and the copy over if needed be.

DownloadsSync is much a lighter process when compared to a routine full backup plus compression. Normally, if you are developer like me – project source codes don’t take much of a space so, syncing folders a indeed useful. A good software to get for this matter will be SyncBack Freeware Edition.

This freeware works like charm and dandy in all windows platform managing folder sync routine.

What we need next is also to set up a NAS (network accessed storage) is the best and affordable solution for a small IT setup or some can manage it at home with a simple network setup.

We just need to sync folders with the NAS with a followings settings

  1. Source and destination folder
  2. Start time per daily basis – I set it to 7.00 am every morning
  3. Run Background Profile every 1 minute – every minute it checks two folders and perform sync only when there’s changes.

That’s it a free and simple settings to backup and your backup copies can be as accurate as 1 minute interval. Good Stuff 🙂