Need More Generic Album Art

Just last month, I was rushing to compile my favourite 80’s song and later I noticed all the albums does not have an album art for it. How do I create a generic album art? Simple – there’s actually a lot of sample album art inside your iTunes installation folder. All you need to do is to browse the folder called X:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources (Where X is the drive you installed your iTunes into) and take a look at the sample of graphical generic album art you get.

To fit the album art into your compilation, first start iTunes and open up your playlist. Shift click and select all the songs you wanted to compiled as one album under one album art for e.g. My Classical Collection 2008. Simply edit one of the selected album in the playlist (while songs are selected, rename just one and all the selected file album will be renamed accordingly). Next you may want to assign an album art for it by dragging images from the folder which I’ve mentioned to the album artwork section in ITunes located at the left hand corner.

genre-classical genre-hiphop

genre-blues genre-classicT

genre-world genre-soundtrack