Using Calendar App in Windows 8

Welcome to 2013, todays topic is on how to use the Calendar app. The calendar app in Windows 8 is actually a useful tool to sync up with. Other than Facebook’s friend birthday and some of the daily task you put in it, one of key things which is missing in live calendar is the ability to import country specific national holiday.

Being a Malaysian, the asian calendar details on my country is important simply because, we are one of the most famous country that have the most holidays all year!!

I’m not typing and key-in all the public holidays into my calendar – no way!

Nope, you don’t have to – right now Windows 8 can only sync up properly with live account ( the one that you use to sign in ) and the calendar is automatically sync in every 3 minutes interval – depending on your settings.  Microsoft is still trying to integrate various calendar providers to get them to sync up with live calendar. For now things look disconnected.  Today, I’m gonna walk you through on how to export a calendar from good old yahoo Asian public holiday calendar to live calendar.(with all the national public holidays data, Yahoo has all the public holiday data of every country)

You’ll first need a yahoo email account. Create / sign in into yahoo account with the url Once you logged in. You can see the Subscribed Calendar below with a + sign. Click on it.

Step One : Click on Subscribed Calendar

Step Two : Click on Add Holidays

Then, select your country and give it a name e.g. Malaysian Holiday click Save. That’s it all the public holiday for year magically appeared on your calendar!… Next how do we get these data to our Windows 8 calendar?, look for the export option, find your username’s calendar right above the newly subscribed public holiday. Right click and choose export. Select your calendar in our case we choose Malaysian Public Holiday as our export criteria. Choose export to ICS file. Doing so will export the entire calendar into a file.

Next simply head over to, sign in and head over to live calendar look for import option and upload the ics file. That’s it. Once its done, just wait till the Windows 8 refreshes it’s calendar. If you really can’t wait, you can try making a calendar entry to the calendar and submit it to initiate a sync.

Now you can plan your other events knowing ahead you have some holidays too!