My Little Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro

No tutorials today, but just wanted to share my experience using my new Windows 8 Tablet – the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T. One of the best gadget I bought in year 2012. First of all, the story – And so, Windows 8 is finally here and news spreading like the “most contraversial windows ever”, most likely a “vista” and all the usual Microsoft bitchtroll mode -LMAO.

Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro 700T

Anyway, to me first thing I said when I heard about Windows 8 is…

It’s about time! 😉

A PC in general is what you purchase and it will be used for at least 3 years or more. It is something you buy and use once per lifespan. In fact, it will be used every time you do heavy duty stuff like

  • desktop processing and printing,
  • production work (graphics, video and sound edits),
  • media sharing
  • and most of all – real hard-core gaming!

Windows 8, is designed from scratch to include features like..

  • Fastest Windows to boot ever; even faster with SSD.
  • Photoshop CS6 and Flash 64bit loading in just seconds.
  • Lightweight explorer, (removed all the hogging and unnecessary elements)
  • A simple and tonned down Windows UI (they removed Aero, so that you don’t have a DirectX card just to render the Windows Interface)
  • Moving to the 64 bit era. All OEM windows 8 will preinstalled with the 64bit version. You can use more RAM space beyond 4 gb.
  • Branch to support other non x86 processor. They created a version of o/s (called RT) to support “fanless” ARM processor like Tegra 3.
  • Brand new touch interface UI with AppStore ecosystem to replaced it start menu.

Because of the features above, and the advancement of mobile technology; it makes the o/s suitable to be fitted in the next generation hardware much like those we seen in iPad and Android Tablet market nowadays. Then, there is MS-Surface, their flagship product which showcases the Windows 8 full potential and what it is capable of. Other manufacture partners are not far behind, companies like Sony, Samsung, HP, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Dell were also given the chance to design their new line of product for Windows 8.

Default OEM Apps

Why Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro ?

Coming from my background as a technical developer with a passion of an artist. It was ALWAYS in my dreams that, I can enjoy, create and share my artwork or any creative creation whenever I go, in a portable form and in the most “natural” way. The word ATIV is actually the word VITA (vita in latin means life) spelled backwards – it also symbolizes something brought back to life.

S-Pen on S-Note App

Windows 8 Stylus Recognition

Although not as popular compared to Surface plus I’m not really a “BIG fan” of Samsung, this tablet really outmatch any tablet I’ve seen in Windows 8 tablet category to this date…

  • Beautiful 1024 Pressure Sensitivity S-Pen Digitizer (collaboration with Wacom) build on top of the tablet surface. (Artist’s climax!)
  • Intel Core i5 processor. (<– it does get hot like a laptop on the top side where the fan flow it’s heat out)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 8 Pro running at 64bit (<– awesome)
  • 128 GB of SSD Storage (<– very generous of Samsung)
  • Accelerometer and full screen rotate feature.
  • Bluetooth, WIFI
  • 10 Points multi-touch capabilities.
  • Ultra bright and sharp screen (400 nits).
  • Support Micro SD Card expansion (<– good for expansion here)
  • 1x USB 3.0 port
  • 1x Micro HDMI out.
  • 8 – 9 Hours of Battery life (<– yes kinda sucky but, it’s a i5 processor that’s kinda power monger)

Power, Rotation Lock and USB 3.0

MicroHDMI Out

MicroSD Card Slot

S-Pen Slot

Unfortunately, when I bought this tablet – the docking keyboard was already out of stock. So, I’m left with only the tablet to go with. With docking keyboard it is said, the dock will have additional battery capacity and few more extendable ports like USB and etc. I ended up buying a MS wonderful wedge keyboard (which comes with a handy cover that can act as a kickstand for my ATIV!)

Wedge Keyboard with Cover

Wedge Keyboard

Bluetooth and 2 x AAA Batteries

High Quality Aluminium Back

Foldable Cover can be a kickstand!

Kickstand in Action on my ATIV

The local price (Malaysia) is set at : RM 3,599. The dock cost about RM 400 plus, which makes the full set RM 3,999. (all comes with 1 year warranty). I bought it with 1 year installment (interest free). If you are a Malaysian looking for this tablet. It’s already available LowYat plaza by the time I blogged this.

What I’ll be using with it?

Work mostly, I deal html5 and RWD (responsive web design) pages running on php server most of the time. Sometimes, I will develop mobile apps using cross native development tools and recently began to develop tools on Windows 8 platform. Most of the time, I used flash and photoshop to create my pixel sharp assets for my project. And then there’s lots of writing and blogging (this post was written entirely using that tablet I mentioned about). This is where the stylus comes in handy – drawing vector and converting them in tablet is way much fun compared to classic desktop or mac 😉

The Cons you have to bear with it.

Heat and fan noise, (like every mini pc and MacBook coming from the top vent, makes it unpleasant to hold it on the top angle). But, hey it does keep you warm on the cold winter. If you are running heavy duty software like photoshop be sure plug in the DC power and kickstand ready.

Windows 8 Quirks – As usual Microsoft has always well known for it’s bugs here and there. You don’t see much of the BSOD thingy now unless your hardware is at fault. But, crash to metro / desktop do happen once a while.

Start menu ripped out from Windows 8 – LOL seriously, it’s not the end of the world; you can always install third party app like to return your beloved Start button in desktop.

Only one USB 3.0 port in tablet form. Use it wisely :). I would suggest get a 2 port mini USB hub to extend the tablet and its situated on top of the tablet, so it’s odd to have a wire sticking out from top towards the side.


PS: for those interested to see how the real keyboard dock looks like head towards my 2nd review post here