My Freeware List for Mac OSX Lion

Well hello once again from IGS, just bought a brand new mac mini this week and exploring about my new Mac OSX Lion. Since, it’s brand new and coming from a windows based web developer myself, there’s a few freeware and apps I must have to complete my “transitional experience” to this new O/S.

Here is a few apps and freeware I recommend installing into your Mac O/SX 10.7 Lion.

  1. LaunchPadCleaner – If you are Mac O/SX lion user, you will probably noticed that the launchpad is the place where you place all your icons of the new installed apps. However, some of the icons may get “Duplicated” over time and it gets even messier that the current version can only delete the icon (dragged from the appstore and not those from downloaded ones – by right it is said you can do so by Pressing Command and Option and then looked for the X icon when the icons starts to wiggle). But unfortunately, once again icons get duplicated and there’s no way of deleting it (what a bummer for user “experience” – Apple!), thankfully you have this app that does deletion and backup for you just in case, only thing is (it’s not entirely free – is free if you want to delete icons from the first page…workaround for it, just move those icons to first page and rerun the app hahaha…)
  2. JDK for Mac Lion – Wow yet another important development kit just go missing, don’t panic just goto utilities, run the terminal app, type java; a prompt will appear indicating java is not installed, and it will ask to download the java dmg for you. To double check whether java development environment is installed properly head over to the terminal and type java -version and then javac -version they should return you the version number than errors.
  3. MacFuse for Mac Lion, yes the mac is having problem “reading / writing” on NTFS drive – almost every mac person bitch about it. Just use this app to mount the drive. If you want a good simpler solution try paragon ntfs 9  but, its gonna cost you 20 bucks.
  4. Adium – All Rounder Chat App other than iChat. I’m having problem connecting to msn for mac. Using this solved the problem,
  5. Chrome – haha because of the cool webstore and and being the fastest browser on earth!
  6. uTorrent – the very tiny bit BitTorrent client. Nuff said 🙂 . And if you need a mac Lion compatible vpn client use tunnelBlink (download the beta ones it has better support on Lion)
  7. fileZilla – a simple FTP app which is free for mac/pc version. Very very useful for uploading stuff to the hosting sites.
  8. BlueGriffon – Looking for WYSIWYG HTML editor like iWeb but works on Lion. Try Blue Griffon.
  9. Flash plugin for your browsers – this is if you wanna watch youtube and stuff.
  10. SCPlugin SVN Toolbar plugin (tutorial video) – a very useful toolbar plugin to allow you to checkin, update and do your SVN stuff easily. Use the latest one below under downloads.
  11. jDownloader – a wonderful freeware tool which allows you to download faster (break files into multiple smaller chunks) and support resume. You no longer need to have safari / browser still running once your have this running.
  12. Dropbox – a must have, intact I use this one to backup my source files and document files. It offers a free online cloud storage for up to 2.0 GB and you can create share public links from the website. Available on all platforms as well as mobile phones too.
  13. Eclipse / Aptana / Titanium Studio – A great all rounder IDE for programming especially on mobile and web technologies. These IDE comes with internal web server integrated with your existing browser too. All of these are based on eclipse and you can extend the functionalities of the IDE.
  14. OpenOffice – for your daily opening and viewing office related document and spreadsheets.
  15. Unarchiver (browse Mac Appstore for this – it’s free) – This is a handy tool to open all kinds of compressed files e.g. zip, 7zip, lha, rar, and etc. Best of all it’s free!
  16. If you want something more powerful (encryption / password protect and better compression method) than Unarchiver – you can use this too Keka here.
  17. Xcode (browse Mac Appstore for this – it’s free)  – For native mac app or dealing with iphone/ipad development projects.

Some side note for those that wanted to have the “dark theme text mate with vibrant ink” on eclipse or eclipse “variant” – check out this site and more dark theme stuff here also.