AS3 The Gaia Framework

How do I work in an environment where there’s alot of flash developers each having their own styles and approach in doing flash application? This thought always came accross my mind whenever I started doing any flash projects together with other new/unknown developers.

The answer is simple, we just agree to use a good actionscript framework. Reason being, Flash development is always 50% coming from design aspect and the other 50% comes from the coders aspect – there is really no good methodology or best practice out there that can satisfy two of the world. Recently, I’ve tried to use this open source framework called GAIA FRAMEWORK. Using this framework, the designers and coders are unified at least under one common understanding of how GAIA Framework functions.

It comes with a MXP (extension file) which create a special panel for developers and designers to start a project. Once, a project is created with agreed dimensions and flash version, GAIA basically auto creates all the low level stuff needed by flash developers and designers.

They have the scalfolding method which rapidly create a prototype skeleton of the site. Designers can then, take the fla file to start their work and coder can begin to start their with the classes. GAIA even focus on providing all the javascript file such as swfobject and swfaddress to enable SEO flash concept. This allows site owners to keep track of specific pages within the flash using google analytic.

It may be chaotic at first try, but please try it out at least a week or two to familiarize in how GAIA handles the flash development and you will soon find out the benefits of it.